"Above all, customers want their home to be warm and welcoming"

A house that instantly feels like home

Underfloor heating is the smartest way to create a warm and comfortable home - the sort of welcoming environment that every homeowner desires. And unlike many others, we fit state-of-the-art underfloor heating as standard.

I’ve always looked for products that will create a better living environment

Wall mounted radiators act as convectors to heat the air but that creates hot areas around the radiator and cold spots elsewhere. With underfloor heating, the whole floor area radiates heat. So the same level of comfort is achieved with the temperature in an underfloor heated room about 2°C lower than in a room heated with conventional radiators, meaning lower energy bills!

We use a zone-controlled system to heat all floors in the house; meaning no cold areas and a huge increase in energy efficiency.

Each room can be controlled individually with its own thermostat, and with no unsightly radiators to accommodate, you can design a room however you see fit.

We talk to both architects and customers about how a house needs to work

And, where possible, all our upper floors are fitted with a Pozi-Joist™ and Lewis Deck combination, along with the underfloor heating, to ensure a safe, solid and soundproof floor.