Welcome to Shiel Developments

Providing intelligent spaces for living and working


Are you looking for a professional building company and property developer who will take more care, pay greater attention to detail and be fully involved throughout your building project? At Shiel Developments, every job we carry out is project managed by an experienced director. So you have the peace of mind of knowing that your property, whether a home, new development or workplace is in safe hands. The project manager will work with you at every stage, helping you to visualise your ideas and create the beautiful, intelligent living or working spaces that you need.


Making homes and workplaces more energy efficient for the future


We’ll turn your plans into reality by incorporating all of the latest energy efficient technologies with more traditional building methods to produce a high quality finished project.

We keep you up to date with the building work as it progresses, keep a close watch on budgeting and make sure that you are involved in all of the important decisions. Above all, we like to work in partnership with all of our clients, as we’ve found that this produces the best result at the right price.



Our Homes

Higher standards, as standard

We build smarter homes that people love to live in. We employ the very latest technology to provide higher standards of comfort, space, security and light. Our homes have minimal impact on the environment yet still deliver everything the modern homebuyer desires.


Home Automation

An intelligent home system

Shiel Homes come with their own personal assistant, courtesy of Fibaro, a revolutionary system that lets you automate all aspects of your home. By being able to control key services remotely, homeowners can improve security and comfort whilst enjoying the cost savings benefits of a more efficient home.


Underfloor Heating as Standard

Comfort and cost-efficiency in every step

All Shiel homes have state-of-the-art underfloor heating. As standard. We use a zone-controlled system to heat all floors in the house; meaning no cold areas, no unsightly radiators and a huge increase in energy-efficiency. Rooms are comfortable at 2°C lower than in a room heated with conventional radiators, meaning lower energy bills.

Superior British Gypsum products

Strong, smart and durable walls in every home

Every Shiel Home will be fitted with super-strength, damage-resistant plasterboard from British Gypsum, giving homeowners the freedom to put things up wherever they want to. And with a special magnetic wall in kitchens, studies and bedrooms, you’ll get strength, style and fun from your walls. 


Green Technologies

Making every building energy efficient

With all of our projects, we work hard to make it as energy efficient as possible, as well as having less impact on the environment. Shiel Developments have gained a wealth of expertise in green technologies: green, geo-thermal and sustainable energy as well as energy-saving installations.

Disability Living

Making sure your particular needs are met

Whether you are young or old, have a mild disability or something more severe, we will make sure your specific disability living needs are catered for. We can skilfully adapt your existing property to make your life easier or build something totally new and bespoke, improving every aspect of your home or working life.

Building more environmentally friendly homes and offices


Shiel Developments are proud to be approved as Nudura ICF installers. This is the new building system that’s revolutionising construction in the UK, and helping to make buildings that are extremely durable, long lasting and very energy efficient. They are also damp-free, warmer in winter, cooler in summer and cost far less to run and maintain.

Nudura ICF makes your building stronger, more comfortable and environmentally friendly. It’s perfect for all kinds of properties, all types of buildings – modern, contemporary or traditional.

Call Shiel Developments on 01327 844598 today, and we can build something special together.