"We strive to create something special that you'd love to live in"

“Since I founded Shiel Developments, I’ve strongly believed in building homes that people would love to live in. I want them to be constructed to the highest standards I can achieve, finished with high quality fittings and fixtures and designed so people can enjoy them as they wish.


By doing that, and by including many features that other developers might offer as additional cost options, we not only build better homes but we protect our customers’ investment. After all, a home is one of the biggest that anyone makes!

We design houses around the way people live in them

And to ensure our homes our ready for the future, we employ the very latest technology to provide higher standards of comfort, space, security and light.

We use the latest intelligent technology, employing innovative materials and advanced construction methods. This way we deliver low cost solutions that deliver a high quality home requiring the minimum maintenance.

We take great care over our homes’ locations and position. We’re proud to build homes that minimise their impact on the environment, yet still deliver everything the modern homebuyer is looking for.

We pay attention to details others may overlook. For instance, we check where the sun rises and sets before agreeing plots. Every site is individually planned to maximise its potential. Only by doing that can we create a home in an environment that’s a better place for our customers to live.

Customers are spending a lot of their money and we’re keen to protect their investment

As well as high build standards, Shiel homes are designed to look and feel great. So they come with premium brand kitchens and bathrooms and quality fixtures and fittings as standard.

I’d be delighted if you took this chance to take a look around.”

Iain Shiel, Shiel Developments