"Our houses actually talk to you while you're away"

A home controlled from a smart phone

Moving in to a smarter home allows the modern homeowner to vastly improve the control they enjoy over their home’s environment.

We research new technologies to build houses ready for the future

By being able to control key services remotely – such as heating and lighting - they can improve security and comfort whilst enjoying the cost savings benefits of a more efficient home.

And that’s why all our homes are fitted with Fibaro’s Home Intelligence system, which, in their words, “is probably the most advanced building automation system in the world today.”

With Fibaro, you can control almost every aspect of your home on your smart phone. You can turn electrical devices on and off, dim the lights, set the alarm or even turn your music on.

Watch this official Fibaro video to discover how the Home Center 2 interacts with you and your home, making it even more comfortable and secure.

If something happens when you’re on holiday, you’ll know and can do something about it

If the weather changes whilst you’re away, you can turn the heating up or down. It can even remind you if you’ve left a window open or the iron on!

With intelligent systems in place, a Shiel Home will be a smarter, safer and more energy efficient home in which to live.