Stronger, better looking buildings that run at a lower cost

Smarter construction is our secret


At Shiel we believe in building homes that are strong and durable enough to last. But at the same time, we want to create interesting and individual properties that look great.

Which is why we use the revolutionary Nudura ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) at the core. It helps to make our homes stronger, more energy efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

We can build quicker and all year round, whatever the weather

ICF is reinforced polystyrene forms, connected in a web system (that snap together, like Lego) and then filled with concrete. This rapid and simple technique gives flexibility to design and an incredible strength in construction.

Combined with Gyproc Habito super-strength plasterboard and under-floor heating, ICF offers far better soundproofing and heat retention during winter, whilst staying cool for summer.

With its polystyrene frame, ICF also offers extraordinary protection against damp and can be finished in brick, stone, wood and a variety of different renders, meaning Shiel homes can have a completely unique look and feel, and blend in with whatever surrounds them.

I offer clients longevity, low running costs and zero maintenance

This revolutionary form of construction can result in energy savings of up to 70% when compared to traditional timber-framed building methods.

Watch this official Nudura video to learn more about ICF construction, its many uses and benefits.