Taylor's Yard redevelopment - the beginning

We've just started work on the redevelopment of a really dilapidated site in the heart of the old coaching town of Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire, on behalf of Old Ginger Developments. The site was originally the home of Taylor's Mustard; the factory having been founded in Union Street back in the early 19th century. William Taylor, a chemist, developed the first English mustard - a unique recipe and closely guarded secret - ready for sale in 1830. When the factory closed in 1990, the mustard was then produced by Colman's of Cheshire and today by Walter Black Foods Limited in Glasgow, using the same ingredients that provide its unique hot but smooth taste.

Over the last couple of decades, the buildings had various uses, until they became the neglected eyesore for the people of Newport Pagnell that they are today. But all that is about to change, as we turn these historical buildings into fabulous family homes, retaining as much of the character as possible. For example, some of the arches will be retained, as well as the style of the brickwork in certain places.

Unfortunately, some of the buildings are structurally unsound, including the old water tower, so will have to be flattened and new buildings erected in their place. The advantage being that we can deliver much more environmentally-friendly, economically sound properties that will be warm, comfortable and long lasting. We will be constructing many of the new two- and three-bedroom homes using Nudura, certainly in the main block of terraced houses which incorporates the rebuilt water tower. In total, there will be nine light, bright and airy homes, once the project is finished.

We'll be reporting on this project as we go along, so you can see just how quickly this site can be transformed into an elegant and inviting place to live.