Taylor's Yard redevelopment - already up to the first floor in just five weeks

The next stage of the project sees really fast progress. Using the Nudura ICF system, the outside walls are quickly erected. Almost like giant lego, the blocks sit securely on top of each other and are locked into place with the Duralock technology. Another advantage of this great system is that it allows us to design and build our own lintels in situ.

Taylor's Yard redevelopment - demolition day!

With planning now in place, D-day has finally arrived. Part of the original design was to leave what was the 'old water tower' intact for conversion, however further inspection revealed the tower to be structurally unsafe. The decision was then made to take whole block down to the foundation level. But first we had to install an engineered scaffold support system.

Taylor's Yard redevelopment - the beginning

We've just started work on the redevelopment of a really dilapidated site in the heart of the old coaching town of Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire, on behalf of Old Ginger Developments. The site was originally the home of Colman's Mustard; the factory having been founded in Union Street back in the early 19th century. William Taylor, a chemist, developed the first English mustard - a unique recipe and closely guarded secret - ready for sale in 1830.