Making homes and workplaces warmer in winter, cooler in summer

Nudura ICF is the new building system that’s revolutionising construction in the UK. It’s helping to make buildings that are extremely durable, long lasting and very energy efficient. They are also damp-free, warmer in winter, cooler in summer and cost far less to run and maintain.

So how does it work? ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Formwork. It’s basically polystyrene forms which are connected in a web system on site and then filled with ready-mixed concrete. The polystyrene is left in place providing complete thermal insulation, allowing your home or office building to be heated and cooled more effectively. The polystyrene blocks also give a uniform, smooth surface so it can be finished just like a traditional build.

In short, Nudura ICF makes your building stronger, more energy efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly. It’s perfect for all kinds of properties, all types of buildings – modern, contemporary or traditional – and allows us to complete the build much faster too.

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